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Existentialists: I Am Me, And You Are You :: essays research papers

Existentialists: I Am Me, and You Are You      Existentialists see humanity as people whose one of a kind past encounters set up close to home attributes that set we all apart. This thought can be best communicated in an instinctive explanation by a celebrated independent, Tarzan. â€Å"Me Tarzan, you Jane† is at the core of the convictions of the existential particle. This apparently shortsighted explanation identifies with existentialism by driving us to man's independence, controlling us to conviction of presence before quintessence and guiding us to the thought of opportunity of decision. These three convictions would then be able to be identified with the characters in the existential essayist Jean-Paul Sartre's â€Å"No Exit.†      At first perusing of this announcement, one notification Tarzan's statement decision. â€Å" Me Tarzan, you Jane† infers that Tarzan and Jane are not very much the same. Rather, they are two distinct individuals who lead altogether different lives. Tarzan, the Ape Man, is commonly not the same as his recently discovered woman companion. Existentialists would facilitate this line of reasoning to state that since individuals are continuously unique, they can never be the equivalent. They would then contend that each individual is an individual, not a duplicate from a foreordained form. Jean-Paul Sartre additionally depicts his characters as people, not duplicates of one another. Garcin, a fighter who went AWOL, positively carried on with an unexpected life in comparison to the child executioner Estelle.      These individualistic characteristics lead to us by Tarzan's announcement, presently control us to the existential conviction of presence before substance. This thought comprises of the conviction that individuals are framed from their own one of a kind past encounters. Tarzan, a forlorn kid who was raised by a pack of gorillas, has not encountered the dash of humanity. His disconnection from the world is totally inverse from that of Jane's past. Jane, a ladies brought up in the extravagance of the present day, has encountered numerous novel occasions that have made her what she is. Jane can never comprehend what resembles to be Tarzan since she can never experience what he has experienced. Similarly, Tarzan, the Ape Man, can never experience what it resembles to be Jane in light of the fact that he can never live through the extraordinary occasions of Jane's past. Sartre likewise gives us characters with exceptional foundations. Garcin can never encounter the grieved past that Inez had and Inez thusly can never comprehend why Garcin should be told he isn't a weakling.      After now understanding that existentialists see individuals as people who have remarkable past encounters that make them what their identity is, existentialists would now usher us to the idea of each character's opportunity of decision. Existentialists: I Am Me, And You Are You :: articles research papers Existentialists: I Am Me, and You Are You      Existentialists see humankind as people whose special past encounters build up close to home attributes that set we all apart. This thought can be best communicated in an instinctive explanation by a celebrated independent, Tarzan. â€Å"Me Tarzan, you Jane† is at the core of the convictions of the existential particle. This apparently shortsighted explanation identifies with existentialism by driving us to man's independence, directing us to conviction of presence before quintessence and guiding us to the thought of opportunity of decision. These three convictions would then be able to be identified with the characters in the existential author Jean-Paul Sartre's â€Å"No Exit.†      At first perusing of this announcement, one notification Tarzan's assertion decision. â€Å" Me Tarzan, you Jane† suggests that Tarzan and Jane are not very much the same. Rather, they are two unique individuals who lead altogether different lives. Tarzan, the Ape Man, is ordinarily not the same as his freshly discovered woman companion. Existentialists would advance this line of reasoning to state that since individuals are continuously unique, they can never be the equivalent. They would then contend that each individual is an individual, not a duplicate from a foreordained form. Jean-Paul Sartre likewise depicts his characters as people, not duplicates of one another. Garcin, a trooper who went AWOL, absolutely carried on with an unexpected life in comparison to the infant executioner Estelle.      These individualistic characteristics lead to us by Tarzan's announcement, presently direct us to the existential conviction of presence before pith. This thought comprises of the conviction that individuals are framed from their own one of a kind past encounters. Tarzan, a forlorn kid who was raised by a pack of gorillas, has not encountered the bit of humankind. His separation from the world is totally inverse from that of Jane's past. Jane, a ladies brought up in the extravagance of the present day, has encountered numerous special occasions that have made her what she is. Jane can never recognize what resembles to be Tarzan since she can never experience what he has experienced. Similarly, Tarzan, the Ape Man, can never experience what it resembles to be Jane on the grounds that he can never live through the interesting occasions of Jane's past. Sartre likewise gives us characters with exceptional foundations. Garcin can never encounter the pained past that Inez had and Inez thusly can never comprehend why Garcin should be told he isn't a defeatist.      After now understanding that existentialists see individuals as people who have novel past encounters that make them what their identity is, existentialists would now usher us to the idea of each character's opportunity of decision.

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The Brief Wondrous

To encounter energetic affections just because is strengthening, perhaps in light of the fact that it increments to an alarming degree of self-change. We're completely affected by our friends and family, anyway a couple of every one of us the more so. Apparent in the novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, there are a few people on the planet who have outrageous connection and stress-related uneasiness with being disregarded, otherwise called Oscar in the story, solicit themself from their own bliss. At the point when the writer, Junot Diaz, expounds on self-development all through the novel, he clarified that occasionally self-improvement can drive you towards deplorable affinities, making you more nervous, and even confounded. In entering a relationship, there's a likelihood that you may transform into somebody you probably won't wish to become; which frequently makes people settle on strange choices that designs their lives, for this situation, Oscar being the individual settling on unreasonable choices. Oscar had sweethearts as right on time as the age of seven, he was dating two young ladies from his school both Maritza Chacon and Olga Polanca simultaneously. Regardless of the three route connection between the youthful darlings being a genuine thing, it just went on for seven days. One day after school, Maritza needed to confront reality and stood up to Oscar saying, â€Å"It's either her or me!†(Page14,Chapter1), Oscar being the player that he was with his Dominican Republic blood at age seven, needed to share, having the best of the two universes, yet Maritza wasn't tolerating any of Oscar's garbage. Maritza was unique in relation to different young ladies Oscar had communicated with. She was excellent and agreeable with the folks, while the other sweetheart, Olga was ugly and calm. So it was truly simple for Oscar to pick who to be with, Maritza. Just to be dumped not so much as seven days after Oscar had dumped Olga! Oscar was rueful. So crushed to the way that, he didn't connect with another young lady for a considerable length of time. After the entire circumstance of being dumped by Maritza, throughout the following couple of years Oscar got discouraged, inclining towards nourishment for comfort, at long last driving him to heftiness, and when he got into the phase of early youth nobody could truly consider him that adorable minimal Dominican Republic kid any longer. Oscar got awkward with his overweight body and no longer could go anyplace close to young ladies, since they generally â€Å"shrieked and called him gordo asqueroso.†(Page17,Chapter1). In any case, Oscar had become so urgent that if a young lady conversed with him for even a brief instant, he would begin to look all starry eyed at her. He â€Å"became a social introvert†(Page22,Chapter1), not having numerous companions all through secondary school. â€Å"[Oscar's] fondness that gravitational mass of adoration, dread, aching, want, and desire that he coordinated at any and each young lady in the region regardless of looks, age, or accessibility made himextremely upset every single day.†(Page23,Chapter1). Thus, he turned out to be unwoeful with his life, mishandling himself intellectually as well as truly by bringing down his confidence and self-assurance. As it came towards Oscar's Senior Year, â€Å"Oscar went gaga for a young lady in his SAT prep class.†(Page33,Chapter1), Ana. Ana was a conversationalist, and in Oscar's point of view â€Å"[Ana] had excellent Carribean-young lady eyes†(Page34,Chapter1). She was somewhat abnormal contrasted with different young ladies, yet attractive, making Oscar fall head over heels in affection with her. Until one day she discussed her ex, Manny. Despite the fact that things were working out in a good way among Ana and Oscar, the idea of Ana discussing Manny continued wandering in the rear of his brain, irritating him.- â€Å"My guardians adored Manny. My mother used to prepare supper for him all the time.†(Page35,Chapter1) Oscar loved Ana, however it didn't appear that Ana had similar sentiments. Poor Oscar. At the point when Ana had revealed to Oscar that she and Manny were dating once more, his heart got broken again. In spite of the fact that this isn't the last time Oscar gets his heart broken, it sure is a beginning stage to profound, dull considerations. As we read about Oscar's life in the novel, we can distinguish that because of the solid impression from Oscar's environmental factors, he accepted that an individual should have been adored, normally he got worry from not succeeding, and at long last put some distance between the real world. With peer weight of having been advised to lose his virginity in excess of a few times, he got edgy, needing to demonstrate to himself that he as well, can get a young lady and be content with life. In any case, because of the way that Oscar couldn't generally prevail in that specialized topic, it drove him to various records of endeavored self destruction and in the long run passing.

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Lehrack, Otto. First Battle Operation Starlite and the Beginning of the Blood Debt in Vietnam Havertown, PA Casemate, 2004

The subject of this book was the absolute first fight in the Viet Nam struggle, as battled by the American marines against the North Vietnamese. The genuine proposition was that the Viet Cong’s underestimation of the United States military forces’ capacity to quickly and viably send and battle, practically lost the North Vietnamese the fight, regardless of the way that their knowledge was nitty gritty and accessible early. The proof that upheld the book’s postulation was borne out by many onlooker accounts, on the two sides of the conflict.Advertising We will compose a custom report test on Lehrack, Otto. First Battle: Operation Starlite and the Beginning of the Blood Debt in Vietnam Havertown, PA: Casemate, 2004 explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The general nature of this work was unrivaled as it showed up exhaustive and very much looked into. It likewise was a fascinating perused. The estimation of this work could be viewed as of both verif iable and military advantage, regarding genuine recorded occasions and military strategies and system. Fight organizers and antiquarians may likewise appreciate and profit by perusing this book. Indeed, for the individuals who lost relatives in this fight, it could end up being a beneficial perused. Further, most model was the author’s look into, including assessment and survey of order logs, alongside examination and investigation of the different cross examination and after-activity reports. At that point, as well, the creator invested a lot of energy in the genuine front line, and furthermore directed meetings with different families and warriors on either side, from individuals from the Marine unit to the VC first Regiment. Ultimately, his own discussions with the members at all levels, on the two sides. At long last, his own Marine battle understanding as an infantry organization officer around then justifies itself. The nature of these sources were satisfactory and now and again, unrivaled. Everything seemed to authenticate the author’s composing. This record depends on genuine essential and some auxiliary research yet additionally close to home understanding, obviously, as referenced prior. Accordingly, the author’s contention that the Viet Cong’s past knowledge didn't represent the quick ability for the US marines to initiate a generally annihilating and valuable assault against them was very noteworthy. Lehrack’s composing style and capacity was to such an extent that the book was composed plainly, and simple to peruse and follow, with a lot of activity included, and adequate foundation information as gathered from himself and his sources. When contrasted with our group exercises, this understudy has seen that this perusing was simpler to get past than some others, and seemed to have satisfactory essential sources, just as being adequately archived. A critical piece of the intrigue of this important book is expected to some extent to its efficient â€Å"you are there† center. The creator puts his crowd in that spot in the topographical region, at the specific timeframe, inside the initial two parts. He thusly comes to his meaningful conclusion that the US slid directly into this war, in increases, absent a lot of planning, maybe putting together much activity with respect to current Cold War fears.Advertising Looking for report on history? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The features in the book’s account comprise of the accompanying occasions. A young North Vietnamese miscreant educated the United States Marine authority that privilege close to the town of Van Tuong, additionally situated close to another new US base, was in harm's way. For, digs in close by was the first Viet Cong Regiment. Before long, blocked radio jabber affirmed this reality. Since this circumstance was an immediate danger to the base and, additionally introduced the opportunity to annihilate this tricky VC association. So Lt Gen Walt resolved to take the fight right to the adversary. His subordinate head was named and it was the striking Colonel Oscar F. Peatross. The contingents to be utilized were those at Chu Lai, the 3d Bn, Third Marine Regiment, and the 2d Bn, fourth Marines. For fortifications, Walt likewise demanded the land and/or water capable 3d Bn, seventh Marines to go along with them, from the Philippines. A consolidated helicopter and land and/or water capable ambush was then utilized. Mystery and speed were and demonstrated essential for progress. In this way, in only three days, Starlite initiated. The Viet Cong then rushed to make up for lost time and sent people killing mines, however these had no quantifiable impact. The contingents had the option to land, leaving one unit available for later. Tanks and UH-1 Huey gunships helped with making sure about the slope off the sea shore, the primary goal. At that poin t, an adversary brigade must be immediately directed, and extra ambushes were propelled. Corporal Robert O’Malley, one of the essential saints in the contention, drove his crew over a significant channel and made sure about it, while battling against scores of adversary. In spite of the fact that O’Malley endured various injuries, would not stop and leave the fight. He figured out how to recover some of his injured soldiers. At that point, the rest of India Company made sure about the town of A Cuong 2, which had been supporting and abetting the adversary. At about a similar time, in the Hotel, 2/4, 1stLt Jenkins’ Marines figured out how to beat an assault originating from the town of Nam Yen 3. LCpl Ernie Wallace keenly and courageously segregated the disguised adversary out from the neighborhood landscape, and dispatched at any rate 25 of them with his M60.Advertising We will compose a custom report test on Lehrack, Otto. First Battle: Operation Starlite and t he Beginning of the Blood Debt in Vietnam Havertown, PA: Casemate, 2004 explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Another threatening automatic weapon home was taken out by Cpl Dick Tonucci and one of his marksmen, PFC Ron Centers. They at that point continued to take out a subsequent one, and furthermore a foe shelter. At that point, a sharpshooter, LCpl J. C. Paul, if covering fire for the injured out in the open. He himself had been shot however had declined the medevac chopper. Tragically, he was hit with mortar rounds and little arms fire, and in the long run died, shielding his men. There was noteworthy blow-back on another ambush on Nam Yen 3, in spite of the fact that the adversary themselves endured huge setbacks. Further Marine losses occurred as a gracefully escort was trapped. This happened again with one more guard. Choppers acted the hero, yet additionally went under overwhelming fire. Some amicable air fire bolster demonstrated to offer some significant h elp. With 200 or so injured, the Marines endured 54 human losses. By and by, every one of their powers ground, air, boat, and ordnance figured out how to cause just about 700 dead Vietcong, the better piece of a few units. Both avionics and ground work force had figured out how to delve in satisfactorily, albeit much harm was endured. Unquestionably, there were numerous saints and military distinctions that day, for this first earth shattering fight. In this manner, these Marines finished the Starlite Operation effectively and demonstrated that they could battle guerrilla style, on one more kind of landscape, that of the wilderness overwhelming and swamp-loaded vista of Viet Nam. Thus started that protracted and dubious clash. Catalog Lehrack, Otto. First Battle: Operation Starlite and the Beginning of the Blood Debt in Vietnam Havertown, PA: Casemate, 2004. This report on Lehrack, Otto. First Battle: Operation Starlite and the Beginning of the Blood Debt in Vietnam Havertown, PA: Casemate, 2004 was composed and put together by client Yadiel Simpson to help you with your own investigations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; be that as it may, you should refer to it in like manner. You can give your paper here.

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OHSU School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips Deadlines

OHSU is Oregon’s only health center, and the school focuses on training med students to serve throughout the state. The goal is to advance health care delivery and leadership throughout the state. Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) 2018-19 Secondary Application Writing Prompts: OHSU School of Medicine Essay #1 What experience have you had that has given you insight into the patients you hope to eventually serve? (1500 characters) For this essay, you should think about your career goals and what kind of patients you hope to work with the category can be defined in terms of socio-economic class, language, ethnicity, immigration status, age, medical conditions, etc. Then think about experiences, either clinical or personal, where you have interacted with people who might have similar qualities. Then, you should give a specific example and explain what you learned about interacting with them. OHSU School of Medicine Essay #2 What will be your greatest challenge in becoming a physician? (1500 characters) I encourage applicants to think about what will be difficult about being a physician. Then, you should explain what the challenge is as well as how you plan to overcome this challenge, which can include instances where you have dealt with similar pressures. You should give a challenge and not avoid this question, which is trying to assess how you will deal with difficulties. OHSU School of Medicine Essay #3 Discuss a time in your life that demonstrated your resilience. (1500 characters) Make a list of times when you have had to show resilience, or the ability to recover from a setback. Then, choose one where you are able to explain how you overcame the setback. I suggest that you should consider not only how you dealt with the challenge (including reaching out to others) but also include how you have used your own resilience to help others. Two thoughts on this questions: 1) I would encourage you to think about resilience beyond â€Å"I worked harder† and 2) I would choose an example that isn’t repetitive of the other essays in this series and that has some stakes involved. It can be a personal, academic, or work-related challenge. OHSU School of Medicine Essay #4 Describe a time when you did not receive what you felt you deserved, and how you reacted. (1500 characters) First, applicants will notice that these essays are similar, so it’s important to remember not to repeat from question to question. Here, you should think about a time when what you received did not match your expectations. This can be an award or promotion, or some other opportunity. It can also be a personal moment. Academic example can work, but I suggest that applicants avoid writing about not getting the A grade they wanted. OHSU School of Medicine Essay #5 Give an example of personal feedback in the last few years that was difficult to receive. How did you respond? (1500 characters) In this response, you should think about a moment when you received criticism or other feedback from someone that wasn’t what you wanted to hear. Then, walk through the steps you took after receiving the feedback. This would include your initial reaction, your contemplation of the feedback (in which you assess the value of the feedback), and then your implementation of change. It’s important to make sure this story isn’t about arguing with someone, but rather about taking into account a viewpoint that isn’t necessarily what you agreed with or expected. OHSU School of Medicine Essay #6 Please discuss the diversity that you would bring to the OHSU School of Medicine and the profession of medicine. (2000 characters) As with all diversity questions, this is open-ended on purpose. You may, of course, write about diversity in terms of your own personal experience, socio-economic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other identity. You can also write about diversity of experience, which might include your own family or upbringing, being a caretaker, etc. Finally, you can write about an experience working with people from diverse backgrounds and how that has helped you appreciate diversity overall. Additional Essay Questions for MD/PhD Applicants: OHSU School of Medicine Essay #7 What specifically interests you in the OHSU MD/PhD program? (1500 characters) For this questions, you should give specific reasons for your interest. I suggest about three. You should cite specific programs or other factors about the program that interest you. OHSU School of Medicine Essay #8 Please list 3-5 faculty members at OHSU whose research is of interest to you. (1500 characters) Here, you should respond to the question directly with the names of faculty members and provide a brief explanation (within character limits) explaining why. OHSU School of Medicine Essay #9 Thinking about one of your research projects, how could the results affect the way we diagnose and treat patients? If your research is non-biomedical, describe how it advances scientific knowledge. (1500 characters) For this question, choose one of your research projects that excites you and explain how the results can impact patients or scientific progress more generally. Most important, be specific. Give an example if you can. OHSU School of Medicine Essay #10 List publications and grants. For this question, you can give a bulletpoint list. You can also include expected publications. OHSU School of Medicine Essay #11 Please tell us the graduate program at OHSU you are most interested in (this is not binding) You should respond to this question honestly and give a specific reason for your interest. If you would like professional guidance with your OHSU School of Medicine application materials,  check out Accepted’s Medical School Admissions Consulting and Editing Services, which include advising, editing, and interview coaching for OHSU’s application materials. OHSU School of Medicine 2018-19 Application Timeline Submit AMCAS Application May 31 October 15 Secondary Applications Become Available Middle of July ***Disclaimer: Information is subject to change. Please check with individual programs to verify the essay questions, instructions and deadlines.*** Jessica Pishko graduated with a J.D. from Harvard Law School and received an M.F.A. from Columbia University. She spent two years guiding students through the medical school application process at Columbia’s Postbac Program and is a former Accepted admissions consultant. Want an admissions expert help you get accepted? Click here to get in touch! 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The vast branch of Corporate Finance available to a business - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 10 Words: 2999 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Business Essay Type Analytical essay Did you like this example? Corporate Finance is a vast branch business management, which deals with the management of funds and capital arrangement. Corporative Finance as an immensely lucrative aspect that deals with helping business organizations manage money for various ventures, managing their assets, acquire other firms and make a robust financial planning for the future (Beaney, S., 2005.). It may have varied aspects though in course of business, depending upon place to place as per the finance faculty of the economy. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The vast branch of Corporate Finance available to a business" essay for you Create order For instance, Shaun Beaney, from ICAEW (United Kingdom) , describes corporate finance to be, associated in the UK with some degree of change of ownership in a business, connected to a corporate transaction that leads to the creation of a new equity structure or shareholder base, and the related issue, underwriting, purchase or exchange of equity (and related warrants) or debt (Beaney, S., 2005.). {Learning outcome 1} There are various principles to be considered while dealing with corporate finance. There are ample of decision making tasks that need to be dealt with. These may range from capital investment planning and decision, working capital decisions and management, financial risk strategic planning and its implementation (risk management), etc. The capital investment planning and decision further includes project valuation, flexibility valuation, identifying and categorizing uncertainties etc. there is immense requirement of an element to maximize the firm value. This may be served as a basic principle for corporate finance. The idea further expands as follows: The investment decision-making: The business organizations must realize that the investment grounds should qualify the question of giving returns which are greater than the minimum acceptable hurdle rate. Further, the hurdle rate should be higher for risk projects, and reflect the financing; whereas, the returns time weighed, cash flow based, incremental in nature and should reflect all side costs and benefits (Anon., n.d.). The financing decision making: The organizations must opt for a financing plan which can maximize the project value and match the assets being financed. Further, the financing mix must include both debt and equity and can influence the cash flow. (Anon., n.d.) The dividend decision making: The organization must come up with strict plans concerning dividends, in order to have satisfied investors and hence encourage further investments.. The basic idea should be that all investments must be cashed back to the owners if there are not enough investments that earn the hurdle rate. These are some of the basic principles and ideas that are important regarding the understanding and conceptual working know how of corporate finance. I, in an attempt to demonstrate the practical working of corporate finance, present the following report. In this report, I assume to be working as a corporate financier for the Wonderland Confectionaries Inc., who is working with his team to define structures of financial planning and analyze them for the new theme park venture that the organization plans to start. Finally we evaluate from the report, whether or not Wonderland Confectionaries Inc should undertake the investment in the proposed theme park. Qualitative Financial Analysis of the New Project {Learning Outcome 2 3} Wonderland has been a successful business leader in food and catering industry for a long period. The idea of coming up with an adventure- cum- theme park sounds thrilling, yet the outcomes may be unsatisfying or maybe financially dire, if the organization does not pay the required attention to all the aspects, be it terms of financial, social or management matters. We attempt to analyze the organizations proposal by predicting the outcomes after a comprehensive research of the organizations assets and by a comparison with the organizations closest competitor in theme park business -Alice Limited. Available sources of finance The organization must study all the alternative sources available which can fund the project and fill up the capital gap. Following may be the options available for the organization to finance the proposed business plan: Use of retained profit: The organization has a successful chain of restaurants with huge number of customers and a giant sum of turnover. The parallel business profit may be the most reliable and safe source of investment. Selling shares: this can be one of the most lucrative long term financial sources. The organization has a name in hospitality business and can flourish really well in the sister stream (i.e. the theme park business).This assurance and faith may attract healthy investments by adjoining shareholders. Bank loans: the organization m ay think of applying for bank loans besides the above mentioned options. With an impressive plan layout portfolio and affirmative risk management strategies and backups, the banks can lend the organization, an im pressive amount of loans. Generating increasing sales: with an increase in revenue such as service taxes, in the prevailing industries up to optimum levels, the organization can transfer profit benefit to the growing business. Organic Growth: this idea reflects the business to self fund. Although the idea may not be valid for the initial stages of the business, but is evidentially the most expansive financial source among all in later stages, in context of flourishing the business. {Learning Outcome 4} Assessment of economic worth of the primary finance options Now, that we have identified the prime and major sources of financial options available for Wonderland Confectionaries Ltd, we must assess the economic worth of each of these by understanding all the possible consequences of accessing these options: (Anon., n.d.) Use of retained profit: this factor must be given the highest rating among all the other factors that have been identified. This factor requires no payback. This makes it the most impressive option. Since Wonderland is a well established business enterprise serving millions of customers, the investments can be considerable enough. Hence, the net economic worth of this option is influential enough to be counted on the positive side. Selling shares: selling of shares is an essential and a vital source. It is a long term financial source, which shall be agreed on terms of sharing both, the profit as well as losses of the business. This guarantees minimal payback risk. Because of its reputation, the organizations new ven ture may attract huge investments through share-sales. Hence, this factor again is economically worth standing on the positive side for the new business project. Bank loans: this is an essential source that must be considered in order to get a large proportion of the business capital that is required. Although, there are payback risk factors. The organization, if , fails to successfully implement its business plan, or due to any hindrance, if the business plan fails, it may be a huge financial loss for the organization and may also ruin the social reputation. Although, through its vast experience in business, the enterprise has fair chances of implementing the business plan successfully. Also, through its bright reputation, getting bank loans for a new project could be easily manageable. Generating increasing sales value: this is another lucrative source of finance. But this may bring down the number of existing customers for the organization in the existing sectors. So it has less fairer economic benefit than the other options. Organic growth: growing the business is a desire for the organization. The organization will always tend to work towards expanding profit margins and sales. This, although cannot act as a funding source in the initial phase of the business, but can act as a tremendous source if the organization utilizes its profit returns in a right manner by maintaining their reserve. This, again is another beneficial economic aspect. Through the analysis carried out in the above section, we can support the Wonderland groups initiative to start the proposed business venture. Ahead, in this report, we browse some more aspects and dimensions concerned with the project in terms of corporate finance. {Learning outcome 5} Management of corporate finance The main objective of corporate finance system, as discussed previously is to maximize the value of the firm. An effective management corporate finance, involves comprehensive strategic planning and decision making processes to assign appropriate resources and hence achieve the main objective. The following fields of decision making are primary in this regard: Capital budgeting: this is used as a tool to assess what amount is to be invested on which resource by analyzing the worth of the investment, returns to be gained and considering the risk factors. The several aspects related to capital budgeting may range from net present value, modified internal rate of return, accounting rate of return, profitability index, equivalent annuity, etc. Financing: this aspect deals with a thorough analysis followed by a decision to decide whether a debt or equity fund may be invested in a particular project. The tendency is always inclined to maximize the value of the firm. Dividend Management: the financial managers must work on a well framed set of policies that govern the dividend returns to the shareholders. They must design appropriate and effective prediction schemes that can identify the cash overflow. Instead of unnecessary investments, the profit returns must be distributed among the shareholders as dividends. This will ensure healthy and continuous investment and increase the pool of shareholders, which will always strengthen the financial aspects. {Learning Outcome 6} Practical weightage of the theory We have seen different aspects of corporate finance in the previous sections of this report. The big question that pops up is whether or not these theoretical aspects are valid in the practical scenario. This is indeed a point to be pondered on. If we take a better look, theres no substantial guarantee that we can provide to support the theoretical aspects. The following points raise the concern: There have been incredible and unpredictable fiscal transformations taking around lately. For instance, the global fiscal crisis of 2001 and most lately the recent 2007 credit catastrophe, that shook almost the entire global economic world. This raises a concern for the validity of strategies, theories and policies that may be implemented to get the desired outcomes. Even a slight deviation from the implemented rules and regulations can cause stress for the organization and the new business project. These deviations may or may not be in hands of the authorities and management that mo nitors would monitor the implementation of the business plan. Yet, to stand against these concerns, there apparently are factors that may bring the weighing beam back to the central position: These theories have been developed and accepted by experts, belonging to this field (with great experiences), all over the world. These have been a standard practice in the field of corporate finance by numerous business organizations, old or ne, trying to set up new ventures or start new business projects. Hence, there is a little chance that these theories can betray the predicted outcomes. As per evidential records, which are countless in numbers, if an organization keeps a constant monitoring over the strategic plan implementation process and utilize the flexibilities therein appropriately, there are a little chances that any big time credit failure or economic collapse can hinder the prospects of success. Also, if the corporate financial management is experienced( which in case of Wonderland Confectionaries Ltd indeed is), one may claim the corporate finance theory a foolproof device for well and organized management of financial assets of the organization. Following the above discussion, our conclusion stays unbiased and neutral over the issue. Yet, the fast is that if the organization has a rigid vision to start work over the proposed project, it should protect its vision and work for it, making sure that there is minimal or no room for error. We see in the coming section how quantitavely valid are the chances for the organizations new project to succeed and meet all the demands. {Learning Outcome 7} Approaches to analyze corporate finance structures In this section, we will try to look into the analytical and quantitave aspects of the scenario and the financial assets and options available. We discuss the most basic approach to analyze corporate finance structures: {Requirement 1} Calculation of Net Present value (NPV) NPV is a method used in corporate finance to evaluate a rough figure representing a minimum gross return that an enterprise may get back after its investment in a new business project or venture. In a broad aspect, we may conclude that the calculation of NPV enables an organization to make a rough judgment over whether starting a new project will be beneficial or not. The NPV value is calculated by basic finance principles. If the calculated NVP value is greater than 0, then the business venture is considered worth investing in. But, if the NVP value sums up below 0 (i.e. negative), then it the venture is not worth the investment. We use this basic principle and the fact sheet that we gathered through our research about Wonderland Inc., to evaluate the NVP and hence predict roughly if the venture is worth the investment or not. From the firms investment manual, we have a set of predicted data. Net money to be invested, initially in construction of the theme park = GBP 500, 000,000. Let us assume a required rate of return to be 15% . We now calculate a net return (roughly, excluding the tax factors, etc.), as predicted in the investment manual. The firm expects 20,000 visitors per day for first five years, out of which 70% visitors would be children (fee charged = GBP 15) and 30% adults (fee charged = GBP 25.) Now, the calculated earning per day = GBP.(150,000 + 210,000) = GBP.360,000. So, net return after 5 years = GBP.(360,000 * 365*5) = GBP.657,000,000 Now, we evaluate the value of this return amount after 5 years from now, in the present date by using the present value table (valid for UK). For an ROR (required rate of return) of 15%, after 5 years, the interest factor in the interest table is 0.870 (Anon., n.d.) So present value of the return = GBP.(657,000,000 * 0.870) = GBP.571,590,000 Thus, NPV = GBP.(571,590,000 500,000,000) = GBP. 71,590,000 Clearly, NPV 0 In this calculation, we have considered only the capital required for construction purposes and have excluded the returns coming from all other entertainment fields except for the entry fee to the theme park. This calculation roughly states that after 5 years, the projected NVP is greater than 0. Hence as per the principles of study of NVP, it is safe and sound for the Wonderland Confectionaries Ltd., to start the proposed venture (Auerbach, R., n.d.) {Learning outcome 8} {Requirement 2} Suggestions for the Management of new project In this section, we make an attempt to offer some suggestions, both in terms of financial as well as non financial matters, which may be considered by the organization and management before starting the proposed venture. The suggestions we wish to offer are presented in the following points: The management and organization must identify all the practical financial sources and conduct a thorough study of the possible consequences and circumstances that may arise in course of progress of the implementation of the new venture. All the areas, social, public, financial, economical, etc., must be thoroughly researched and analyzed and the risk factors must be identified in order to plan all possible backups in case of unpredictable circumstances. The financial management teams must study all aspects of cash inflow and outflow to conduct a comprehensive analysis and forecast of the business situations that may arise. This must be inclusive of all factors such as corporate tax rat e, bank loan interest rates, insurance premiums, etc. The organization must take healthy but sensible competition with the closest identified rival Alice Limited. The organization, as primary and initial targets, must try to match and further, overtake the turnover figures achieved by the rivals, annually. This competitive environment and growth can affect the companys growth in an immensely elevating manner. {Requirement 3} Real time options for theme park project appraisal A report always tends to provide the reader with idealized theories, which may hold lesser relevance in practical life situations. The project appraisal, if taken closely, insists on discussing some real time possible events and strategies to be taken in some unwanted, unpredicted and uncontrollable conditions. Some major options have been discussed below. Abandonement: The very idea of abandonment was popularized by Peter Drucker. The basic idea revolves around the fact that there is no point wasting resources, energy and time on a project, if for a projected period of time, there are no desired outcomes. This assessment of projection and prediction must be done by the managers of the business organization. the Wonderland Co. are working on a big time investment project which may or may not give desired returns to the huge investment that may be put in. The organization must keep track of all events, compare the desired business outcomes with the actual ones and decide if the p roject is worth working on at every state on point until the targeted period. Expansion: This aspect again is of great concern. Once the business comes under profit, it will again not be a wise use of resources and reserves, if expansion possibilities are not explored. There must be constant attempts for exploration of all possibilities of expansion. The process again, must be carried out in a very flawless manner, ensuring to not harm the already safe business. Flexibilities: There must always be flexibility options in the project which could be accessible in times of over expenditure of assets, time, resources, etc. This can enhance the efficiency of the business and imparts profitability. The implemented strategies, while being planned, must be made flexible to accommodate new edited feature, when required. This may help to not reject the entire implementation system and make alternative changes, wherever and whenever required. Selling: Project selling is a process of po sitioning. It must be exercised when and wherever required by the fair involvement of both, the project manager as well as the team members. Conclusion: Wonderland Confectionaries Limited, being a successful business organization in the field of food and catering services, can indeed claim to come up with a successful implementation of the new business proposal. The theme park setup venture proposal can produce huge profits for the enterprise if all the aspects regarding corporate finance, strategic planning and implementation, risk management, etc., are comprehensively assessed.

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Essay on Brainstem Injuries and the Neuropsychologist

Brainstem Injuries and the Neuropsychologist The Neuropsychologist plays an essential function in assessment and rehabilitation after an injury to the head. Neuropsychologists essentially bear responsibility for testing and tracking the patients thinking ability. Below are key functions provided by clinical neuropsychologists: - Carrying out detailed assessments of cognition, emotion, behavior, and social competence; - Devising and implementing training programs; - Liaising with educational agencies/ employers to advise on the resumption of educational/ vocational life; - Advising on the management cognitive deficits/ disabilities; - Advising and providing long term care; - Providing†¦show more content†¦- Provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses to guide rehabilitation, educational, vocational, or other services. - Document changes in functioning since prior examinations, including effects of treatment. - Clarify what compensatory strategies would help. - Result in referrals to other specialists, such as educational therapists, cognitive rehabilitation professionals, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, special education teachers, or vocational counselors (, 2005). Neuropsychologists evaluate and monitor the course of recovery or the efficiency of rehabilitation. And the big question Is the person getting better? A Neuropsychological evaluation may be essential to verify whether a person really has a brainstem injury. The effects of stress, medications, and or depression can be easily confused with mild brain injury. Some research indicates that neuropsychologists have noticed an absence of depression in patients with severe traumatic brain injury, yet cortisol is reduced below normal levels in those patients (Reiter, 2005). Is the persons brain really injured or is there another reason for the assumed behavior? Is the brain injury still apparent? What are the causes of the brain injury? These are the types of diagnostic questions a neuropsychologist can answer (,Show MoreRelatedWilliam s Parkinson s Disease And Miguel s Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Essay1429 Words   |  6 Pagesresolve with 24 hours. Those with severe HIE could have long terms effects like epilepsy, motor and cognitive impairment and neurodevelopmental delays. 2. Differences between Broca’s Aphasia and Wernicke’s Aphasia Aphasia is associated with brain injuries, like strokes, that affects the brain’s language areas resulting in a person being impaired in processing and using language. According to the textbook, there are six principle types of aphasia. Broca’s aphasia and Wernicke’s aphasia are two of theseRead MoreConcussions And Their Impacts On Life1864 Words   |  8 PagesOnce flippantly referred to as having one’s bell rung, mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) or concussions are no innocuous contusions. Annually in the United States, approximately 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury that is confirmed through diagnosis. Of these, roughly 75% are categorized as mTBIs or concussions, although the total number of concussions may be slighted considering 81-92% of these injuries do not result in loss of consciousness. Recent controversy concerning professional

Business Analytics for Product Management

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Analytics for Product Innovation Management. Answer: The literature in management information systems consistently suggests that a decentralized approach to resource allocation is the most efficient. Why then do you think the literature in BA suggests that the oppositea centralized organizationis the best structure? Centralized organization is the best structure because of few of the advantages it provides to the BA. Regarding business decision making centralized organizations has been found to be exceptionally efficient. Thus, faster actions are taken for the problems. It also helps in keeping focused on one vision or purpose of the organization. Organizations are encountered with lesser conflicts when it is a centralized organization. Lastly, centralized leaders can maintain more control over the operations of the organization and enhances the culture because they take all the major decisions (Capitanescu, Bilibin Ramos, 2014). However, Decentralization has certain disadvantages in the organization, which are that it enhances the problems in coordination among the different units as well as the expenses of the administration because high paid leaders are appointed under decentralized organizations. Decentralization organizations have absence of uniformity. Moreover, as this process involves v arious departments and employees establishment thus, cost of operations increases, it is completely inappropriate for small organizations and lastly, each department will work with a self-interested perspective where the wider interests of all the other departments are neglected thus, effecting the entire organization (Kota, Gibbins Jennings, 2012). Why is collaboration important to BA? When two or more people are working together by sharing ideas and are planning to achieve a common goal together then it is called collaboration. Collaboration is an important factor in any business analytics it can supply solutions, give employees with a strong sense of determination and fortify the employees that they all in the same team (Lim, Chen Chen, 2013). However, there are also some more benefits of collaboration in BA, which are as follows- Job satisfaction and staff retention- when the teams that are working together find an answer and solves any issue the employees feel satisfied. However, getting credit and acknowledgment for their success will not only satisfy them but will also make them feel that they are an essential part so they will be more keen in keeping up with their job. Problems are solved quicker- problems will arise in daily basis in any business environment, but collaboration can help to reach the solution faster because when a team will work on it definitely one will see the if anything has been missed and can figure out the solution faster. Recognize the skills and expertise of the employees- working in a team with each other will help the team mates know each other well and discover each others strengths and weaknesses closely. Why is organization culture important to BA? The organizations overall lifestyles that include the different elements that make it stand distinct from the internal and external associates are known as the organizational culture. However, organizational culture is important to BA because a healthy culture in any organization will inspire and motivate their employees and make them loyal towards the organization (Barton Court, 2012). Moreover, beneficial competition in the organization is enhanced; it further helps in building the brand image of the company, being accustomed with the organizations culture will help the employees treated equally and give their best. The organizational culture helps in maintaining a better relationship among the employees and exacts the best work from each one of them. However, organization cultures come out with certain guidelines, which help the employees to become clearer with their tasks, and time limits in which they have to deliver their job. Thus, understanding the organizational culture is important to work efficiently in a healthy environment (Bschgens, Bausch Balkin, 2013). How does establishing an information policy affect BA? Businesses founders have certain lawful obligations to protect their data and secure the privacy of the information of the customers. However, it affects the business analytics by keeping the information of the business confidential only within the company. Moreover, it helps in displaying the type of image that the organization wants to be reflected in the market. Information policies further helps the BA to circumvent violating any laws or disclosing any violations done in the past, which can uncover the organization to costly legal accountabilities. Lastly, in any BA the balance is very important where it can stabilize the dangers as well as benefits of emancipating the information. The essential concerns of any business would be liability, their negative image in the market and disappearance of confidential information but the organization should never restrict too much the type as well as amount of information it is eager to circulate (Bates, 2014). Under what circumstances is outsourcing BA good for the development of BA in an organization? Outsourcing BA is essential for the enhancement of BA in any organization because of the circumstances when the following points arises - Concentrates on the core activities of the business- when the company needs to focus mainly on their important activities without any loss in the back office then outsourcing is a good option for development of BA To save the cost and efficiency- when the back office services gets difficult in nature but the organizations size is blocking to perform them at a reasonable and steady cost Decrease the overheads- those functions that can be easily moved are outsourced to reduce the overheads Controlling the operations- the expensive operations that are overflowing the costs are considered by outsourcing Managing the risks- it decreases the risk factors that are brought by the low-quality level of operation in the organization thus, maintaining a continuity Developing the internal employees- when the organization is in the need to get those skilled employees that it lacks (Sharma, Mithas Kankanhalli, 2014). Why do we have to measure BA contributions to an organization? In any organization to measure the contributions of the BA is very important, as the business founders as well as the leaders need to have a clear apprehension of the data for them that display a valid conclusion from the information that has been analyzed. However, BA is further measures because it can inspect a huge amount of data from various sources, then it enhances the collaboration and cooperation in a business by supplying acute information to the employees so that they can share the documents, reports and observe the key performance indicators. Apart from these, it is also measures so that it can help the managers so that they can locate the hidden patterns or information if any in the wider datasets. It works as an authorized tool for the organization allowing the employees to work more systematically (Schlfke, Silvi Mller, 2012). How does data quality affect BA? The ways in which the data quality helps BA are completeness, consistency, accuracy, validity and timeliness. The first one is the factor of data completeness, which is that there is any gap existing in the data, or not. The gap is existing when the data that is collected is not actually, what has been expected. In another factor, that BA is affected by the data quality is in the data consistency where whether the kind of data ranges with the anticipated versions of the data, which must be coming in. Followed by data accuracy, which is whether the data that has been collected is correct or it is representing accurately that it should. Then comes the factor of data validity, which is a bit difficult because it can be a huge problem in the result if the validity does not measure, what it has intended to estimate. Lastly, the data timeliness that is the anomaly of when the data should be accepted in order for the information to be efficiently used (Kwon, Lee Shin, 2014). References Barton, D., Court, D. (2012). Making advanced analytics work for you.Harvard business review,90(10), 78-83. Bates, J. (2014). The strategic importance of information policy for the contemporary neoliberal state: The case of Open Government Data in the United Kingdom.Government Information Quarterly,31(3), 388-395. Bschgens, T., Bausch, A., Balkin, D. B. (2013). Organizational culture and innovation: A meta?analytic review.Journal of product innovation management,30(4), 763-781. Capitanescu, F., Bilibin, I., Ramos, E. R. (2014). A comprehensive centralized approach for voltage constraints management in active distribution grid.IEEE Transactions on Power Systems,29(2), 933-942. Kota, R., Gibbins, N., Jennings, N. R. (2012). Decentralized approaches for self-adaptation in agent organizations.ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS),7(1), 1. Kwon, O., Lee, N., Shin, B. (2014). Data quality management, data usage experience and acquisition intention of big data analytics.International Journal of Information Management,34(3), 387-394. Lim, E. P., Chen, H., Chen, G. (2013). Business intelligence and analytics: Research directions.ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS),3(4), 17. Schlfke, M., Silvi, R., Mller, K. (2012). A framework for business analytics in performance management.International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management,62(1), 110-122. Sharma, R., Mithas, S., Kankanhalli, A. (2014). Transforming decision-making processes: a research agenda for understanding the impact of business analytics on organisations.European Journal of Information Systems,23(4), 433-441.